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The University of Wolverhampton

BA (Hons)Fashion and Textiles

Why choose this course?

This exciting course offers you the opportunity to fuse Fashion and Textiles expertise through design, research, development and innovation in materials.

The fashion and textile industry needs graduates that can work within the many dynamic facets of fashion and textile design and who understand the importance of materials in fashion and interior product applications today. This course offers that wealth of opportunity and ensures that you are fully equipped to meet the challenges of an ever-changing global fashion and textiles market.


What happens on the course?

In year 1 the focus is about orientation, introducing skill, concept and creative thinking. You will be introduced to the different aspects of fashion and textile design, through a combination of traditional and new technology. Practice is underpinned by creative thinking, visual and theoretical research, CAD and drawing. Exploration of drawing is integral to the course informing skills and processes, transforming you from novice to expert.

In year 2 the focus is on consolidation, translating ideas within creative professional contexts. You will examine fashion and textile design in detail and consider the developments and changes that impact on design in a global context. Live projects on an international level are major aspects of the curriculum. You will explore design at an advanced level, developing a focused approach to methodology and practice.

In year 3 the focus is on profession by defining and refining individual creativity. You will investigate the multifaceted industry sector and the opportunities it offers. Industrial/live projects and a personally negotiated project allow your design expertise to flourish in a focused, professional format. Independence, risk taking and innovation are promoted alongside critical analysis and market awareness.

In support of your practice you will prepare a professional portfolio and electronic presentation as promotion to potential employers.

Why Wolverhampton?

  • Disciplines include design for fashion, accessories and textile design for fashion, interiors and floorcoverings.
  • Develop your creative identity through specialism or choose to become proficient in a mix of fashion and textile opportunities.
  • Study traditional and new technology skills across excellent facilities and be taught by academics who are practicing designers and researchers.
  • Develop a highly exploratory and inventive use of materials through access to fashion and textile workshops.
  • Be involved in exhibitions and catwalk shows presenting your ideas and promoting your work.
  • Career preparation is a priority. Study modules that focus on developing entrepreneurial skills and preparation for employment. Work on exciting assignments with National clients, markets and professional agencies.
  • The programme has a long established relationship with the floor-covering industry and offers a unique educational experience in this specialism.
  • The option of placement modules and/or a sandwich placement year will give you an extended understanding of a global fashion and textiles industry.

What our students think

"I am now part of the Jonny loves Rosie team as an Accessories Buyer, and i'm currently working on a live project for Vogue. University has not only helped me to be a confident and creative person but it has changed my outlook on life and one day I too hope to have my own jewellery business."
Rachel Faulkner - BA (Hons) Fashion Accessories graduate

Career path

We aim to product graduates who are professional, skilled and dynamic. Employment opportunities include; fashion, textile, accessory and costume jewellery design; illustration, styling, buying and/or merchandising; design for specific industries eg.. rug and carpet, card and gift wrap. You will have the opportunity to engage in freelance work, sell design work through agents and design studios, and work to commission. You may also find employment in other sectors, including education, arts and crafts administration, historical costume preservation, media, and in film, theatre and television costume design.

Other opportunities include education or continued study to postgraduate level on our MA programme.

Recent Student & Graduate Success

  • Hill & Company for John Lewis Partnerships have bought rug designs by our students and sold them nationally.
  • Suky Kaur whose designs were selected is now working for Hill & Co
  • Song Yue's work was recently selected for inclusion at the 6th international Fibre Art Biennale, From Lausanne to Beijing, held at the Henan Art Museum, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China.

What skills will you gain?

A Fashion and Textiles graduate will be able to:

1. Practice

  • Have a high level of skill in a range of practical, design and technical skills, processes and techniques applicable to global career destinations.

2. Design

  • Evidence aesthetic awareness, critical analysis, problem solving and a thorough understanding of the design process.

3. Conceptulise

  • Be able to critically generate new ideas through comprehensive research and contextual understanding and take creative risk towards refined design outcomes which are market appropriate.

4. Communicate

  • Be able to identify market levels, translate and communicate appropriate design outcomes effectively with a professional emphasis.

5. Independent

  • Be professionally independent with an ability to work collaboratively, generating ideas in response to set briefs within a global context.

6. Investigate

  • Be able to solve fashion and textile related enquiry and experimentation by applying the appropriate design mix of materials, technologies and processes to achieve individual intentions in fashion and textile design.

Entry requirements

2018 Entry

  • BBC from ‘A’ levels
  • BTEC QCF Extended Diploma grade DMM
  • BTEC QCF Diploma grade D*D*
  • Successful completion of a Foundation Course in Art and Design
  • Access to HE Diploma full award (Pass of 60 credits - of which a minimum of 45 credits must be at level 3 including 18 at Merit or Distinction)
  • If you've got other qualifications or relevant experience, please contact The Gateway for further advice before applying.
  • International entry requirements and application guidance can be found here
  • Successful completion of the International Foundation Year in Arts guarantees entry on to this course

Other Requirements

Applicants will also be required to provide satisfactory reference. Those meeting the entry requirements may be shortlisted for a Portfolio Review.

Students must have studied a minimum of two years post GCSE level. However, it is expected that some applicants will be mature students with work experience, who wish to further their career development. These applicants will be processed through standard procedures, which may involve an interview as part of the process. Please see for further information.

Applicants who do not meet the entry requirements may be offered an alternative course.

Course fees and finance


2015/6 fees for this course have not yet been agreed. Please contact for further information.

The University also offers a range of Bursaries and Scholarships in addition to other financial support packages

These fees are applicable for new entrants in 2017/8. If you have any queries regarding the fees listed please contact

These fees are for the current academic year only. Any subsequent years may be subject to an annual increase, usually in line with inflation.

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01902 32 22 22



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